Neuer Beitrag beleuchtet die Rolle von eFacilitatoren für digitale Inklusion

Digital exclusion is an increasingly pressing challenge of the knowledge society. Telecentres accept the challenge by providing internet access and raising the competences of the digitally excluded in local communities. This paper reflects the role of e-facilitators, the persons who work in telecentres, and the diverse set of qualifications they need in order to do their job well. For this group, which is rapidly growing in number, a curriculum has been developed, tested and made available for free. Finally, opportunities to integrate education for mediating digital skills in existing professional profiles are being discussed.

Reference: Christoph Kaletka, Bastian Pelka, Gerhard Seiler, Nenja Wolbers (2015): A Pilot for a new Professional Profile: “e-facilitator” for Digital Inclusion – Closing the Gap in Professional Education for Digital Competences. In: Michael Gessler & Larissa Freund (Eds.): Crossing Boundaries in Vocational Education and Training: Innovative Concepts for the 21st Century. Conference Proceedings: 173-181.


DOI 10.13140RG.2 cheap antabuse 500 mg.1.2120.3928